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Patient-centered outcomes research to improve asthma outcomes
Patient-centered outcomes research to improve asthma outcomes
Using stakeholder engagement to develop a patient-centered pediatric asthma intervention
Care transition interventions for children with asthma in the emergency department
Home visits are needed to address asthma health disparities in adults
Advances in clinical immunology in 2015
Advances in food allergy in 2015
Advances in atopic dermatitis in 2015
Asthma in Puerto Ricans: Lessons from a high-risk population
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Sex-specific risk factors for childhood wheeze and longitudinal phenotypes of wheeze
Wheezing disorders in children: Are girls and boys different?
Airway hyperresponsiveness in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A marker of asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome?
Airway hyperresponsiveness and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease outcomes
Relevance of specific IgE antibody titer to the prevalence, severity, and persistence of asthma among 19-year-olds in northern Sweden
Dogs, cats, and asthma: Will we ever really know the true risks and benefits?
A health care navigation tool assesses asthma self-management and health literacy
Enrolling African-American and Latino patients with asthma in comparative effectiveness research: Lessons learned from 8 patient-centered studies
Individualized therapy for persistent asthma in young children
Toll-like receptor 2–expressing macrophages are required and sufficient for rhinovirus-induced airway inflammation
Efficacy of house dust mite sublingual immunotherapy tablet in North American adolescents and adults in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial
Early-onset pediatric atopic dermatitis is TH2 but also TH17 polarized in skin
Anti-hIgE gene therapy of peanut-induced anaphylaxis in a humanized murine model of peanut allergy
Predominant Api m 10 sensitization as risk factor for treatment failure in honey bee venom immunotherapy
Phosphatase and tensin homolog ( PTEN ) mutation can cause activated phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase δ syndrome–like immunodeficiency
X-linked primary immunodeficiency associated with hemizygous mutations in the moesin ( MSN ) gene
Controlled diesel exhaust and allergen coexposure modulates microRNA and gene expression in humans: Effects on inflammatory lung markers
The association of asthma, total IgE, and blood lead and cadmium levels
Early-life ozone exposure associated with asthma without sensitization in Latino children
Ectodermal dysplasia with immunodeficiency caused by a branch-point mutation in IKBKG/NEMO
Complete human CD1a deficiency on Langerhans cells due to a rare point mutation in the coding sequence
Pre-existing anti-PEG antibodies are associated with severe immediate allergic reactions to pegnivacogin, a PEGylated aptamer
Vitamin D and antimicrobial peptide levels in patients with atopic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis complicated by eczema herpeticum: A pilot study
Efficacy of omalizumab in patients with atopic dermatitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Variable phenotype and discrete alterations of immune phenotypes in CTP synthase 1 deficiency: Report of 2 siblings
Platelet-activating factor decreases skin keratinocyte tight junction barrier integrity
Linear epitope mapping of peanut allergens demonstrates individualized and persistent antibody-binding patterns
A randomized trial of quilizumab in adults with refractory chronic spontaneous urticaria
The use of asthma controller medications during pregnancy and the risk of gestational diabetes
Bone marrow transplantation for MHC class I deficiency corrects T-cell immunity but dissociates natural killer cell repertoire formation from function
Air pollutant–mediated disruption of sinonasal epithelial cell barrier function is reversed by activation of the Nrf2 pathway
Common peptide epitopes induce cross-reactivity in hypersensitivity pneumonitis serodiagnosis
Mass cytometry profiling the response of basophils and the complete peripheral blood compartment to peanut
Increased PI3K/Akt activity and deregulated humoral immune response in human PTEN deficiency
Mendelian randomization analysis demonstrates that low vitamin D is unlikely causative for pediatric asthma
Probiotic supplementation has little effect on peripheral blood regulatory T cells
Efficacy of the Janus kinase 1/2 inhibitor ruxolitinib in the treatment of vasculopathy associated with TMEM173 -activating mutations in 3 children