Molecular regulation of IgE switching: let's walk hand in hand
Genetic aspects of atopic allergy
Molecular concepts of IgE-initiated inflammation in atopic and nonatopic asthma
Hemopoietic progenitors and cytokines in allergic inflammation
Chemokines and the late-phase reaction
Human eosinophil granule major basic protein and its novel homolog
Pharmacologic modulation of airway inflammation
Environmental allergen monitoring and control
Clinical relevance of carbohydrate allergen epitopes
Allergy risks of genetically engineered foods
Recombinant allergens: the future of the diagnosis and treatment of atopic allergy
Prediction and prevention of atopic allergy
Strategic targets for primary prevention of allergic disease in childhood
Structure/function studies on IgE as a basis for the development of rational IgE antagonists
Treatment of allergic airways disease with anti-IgE
Therapeutic effects of antibodies to interleukin-5
Inhibition of IgE formation and allergic inflammation by allergen gene immunization and by CpG motif immunostimulatory oligodeoxynucleotides