Food science perspective on food allergy
The genetics of atopy
The Th1/Th2 paradigm and allergic disorders
Mucosal immunity in relation to the development of oral tolerance/sensitization
The hygiene hypothesis revised: is the rising frequency of allergy due to changes in the intestinal flora?
The influence of the diet on the maturation of the immune system
The role of IgE in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis
Plant-food and seafood allergens - an overview
The monitoring of the effects of food components on immunoreactivity in experimental animals
Legumes, eggs, and milk
B- and T-cell epitopes of tropomyosin, the major shrimp allergen
New allergens in fruits and vegetables
Characterization of allergens in plant-derived spices: Apiaceae spices, pepper (Piperaceae), and paprika (bell peppers, Solanaceae)
Cereal allergens: rice-seed allergens with structural similarity to wheat and barley allergens
Diagnostic problems due to cross-reactions in food allergy
Standardization of in vivo and in vitro diagnostic procedures in food allergy
Factors influencing the quality of food extracts for in vitro and in vivo diagnosis
Accuracy of in vivo and in vitro tests
Practical aspects of preparation of foods for double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenge
Update on sulfite sensitivity
Flavorings and colorings
ILSI Europe Symposium: Scientific Criteria for Selecting Relevant Allergenic Foods
Prevalence and severity of food allergy - need for control
Food manufacturing initiatives to protect the allergic consumer
Products from plant biotechnology
Benefits and limits of different approaches for assessing the allergenic potential of novel foods
Protein modification by thermal processing
Protein modification by fermentation: effect of fermentation on the potential allergenicity of pea
Identification of hidden allergens within foods
Epidemiology and prevention of cow's milk allergy
Immunochemical and molecular characterization of milk allergens
Nutritional adequacy of cow's milk substitutes
Management of food allergy
Fatal food-induced anaphylaxis
Food-induced cutaneous adverse reactions
Atopic dermatitis and food allergy in Europe - prevalence and risk factors
Importance of food allergy in atopic dermatitis
The role of nickel in foods exacerbating nickel contact dermatitis