Taxonomy and identification of dust mites
Life cycle and reproduction of house-dust mites: environmental factors influencing mite populations
Quantification of house-dust-mite populations
Distribution and abundance of dust mites within homes
Occurrence of mites in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia
Epidemiology of house-dust mites
Reflections on the control of mites and mite allergens
Allergens from mites: implications of cross-reactivity between invertebrate antigens
Clinical and immunologic aspects of storage mite allergy
Identification and quantification of mite allergens
Mite-allergen levels in Norwegian homes
Mite allergens: significance of enzymatic activity
Mite sensitization in the Scandinavian countries and factors influencing exposure levels
Risk levels for mite allergens. Are they meaningful?
House-dust mites and asthma. A review on house-dust mites as a domestic risk factor for mite asthma
Risk levels for mite allergen: are they meaningful, where should samples be collected, and how should they be analyzed?
Mite allergens. Collection, determination, expression of results, and risk levels for sensitization and symptom induction
House-dust mite hypersensitivity, eczema, and other nonpulmonary manifestations of allergy
Mite elimination - clinical effect on eczema
Peak expiration flow variations may reflect house-dust-mite exposure and patient reactivity
Allergy to mites: relation to lung function and airway hyperresponsiveness
House dust mite exposure as a risk factor for asthma: benefits of avoidance
Importance of indoor allergens in the induction of allergy and elicitation of allergic disease
The house-dust mite: its biology and role in allergy. A synopsis*