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Cytology of nasal smears in diagnostics of allergic rhinitis
Immunoglobulin (IgG) therapy in an allergic asthmatic patient. modulations of blood leukocyte surface molecules
rhuMAb-E25 treatment controls the symptoms of birch pollen induced seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) and reduces the requirement for rescue medication
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Allergen immunotherapy prevents increased levels of allergen specific IL-4 and IL-13 producing cells during pollen season
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Defective production of tumour necrosis factor-alpha in infants with cow's milk allergy
Defective tumor necrosis factor-alpha production in mother's milk is related to cow's milk allergy in suckling infants
Comparative lymphoproliferative study of PBMC from multiple food allergic and healthy adults by exposure to cow milk allergens (α-lactalbumin)
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Extensive recruitment of IL-3Rαhigh dendritic-cell precursors to allergic nasal mucosa during allergen challenge
Nasal nitric oxide is not increased by nasal histamine challenge
Workers with allergic alveolitis (AA) caused by the contact with fungal allergens have high level of serum IgG4 and not IgE
Impact of atmospheric pollution on gestation process in women with allergic diseases and development of respiratory diseases in children
Airborne pollen and allergy in the Río Negro and Neuquén Upper Valley, North Patagonia: a preliminary approach
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