Immune responses during allergic sensitization and the development of atopy
Expression of the skin-homing receptor in peripheral blood lymphocytes from subjects with nonimmediate cutaneous allergic drug reactions
Side-effects of insect venom immunotherapy: results from an EAACI multicenter study
CD30 expression on circulating memory CD4+ T cells as a Th2-dominated situation in patients with atopic dermatitis
Prevalence and predictors of rhinitis in Danish children and adolescents
Atopic dermatitis in 5-6-year-old Swedish children: cumulative incidence, point prevalence, and severity scoring
Influence of total IgE and seasonal increase of eosinophil cationic protein on bronchial hyperreactivity in asthmatic grass-sensitized farmers
Identification and characterization of the major allergens of buckwheat
Expression of eotaxin in induced sputum of atopic and nonatopic asthmatics
Analysis of epsilon germline transcripts and IL-4 mRNA expression in the adenoids suggests local IgE switching
The relevance of skin prick tests for Pityrosporum ovale in patients with head and neck dermatitis
Detection of allergens in plantain (Plantago lanceolata) pollen
Imbalanced switch of the IGHG (immunoglobulin constant heavy G chain) Gm(bfn) genes in atopic childhood asthma
1. Chapter 1: Genetic and Environmental Influences
2. Chapter 2: Early Immunological Influences
3. Chapter 3: Predictive and Early Diagnosis
4. Chapter 4: Preventive Measures
5. Chapter 5: The Costs of Allergy and Asthma and the Potential Benefit of Prevention Strategies
6. Chapter 6: Education
List of Participants
Hypersensitivity to wood dust
Rofecoxib should be tried in NSAID hypersensitivity1
U-EPX and severity of asthma
A new concept for treatment of sinonasal polyposis
Severe reaction to lysine aspirin
Washing feather and synthetic pillows
Delayed-type allergy to systemic corticosteroids
Exercise-induced anaphylaxis to wheat flour
Successful treatment of chronic urticaria
Anaphylaxis to starch
Are IVIG for chronic unremitting urticaria effective?