IVIG – mechanisms of action
Allergen-induced mediator release tests
Allergy testing in children: why, who, when and how?
Today, one child in four has an ongoing allergic disease in Europe. What will the situation be tomorrow?
Are asthma and allergies in children and adolescents increasing? Results from ISAAC phase I and phase III surveys in Münster, Germany
Association between infections and signs and symptoms of ‘atopic’ hypersensitivity – results of a cross-sectional survey among first-year university students in Germany and Spain
Epidemiologic evidence of a relationship between airway hyperresponsiveness and exposure to polluted air
In utero exposure to lead and cord blood total IgE. Is there a connection?
Cc-chemokine eotaxin as a marker of efficacy of specific immunotherapy in patients with intermittent IgE-mediated allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
Effects of low dose fluticasone/salmeterol combination on surrogate inflammatory markers in moderate persistent asthma
Rhinoconjunctivitis, bronchial responsiveness, and atopy as determinants for incident non-work-related asthma symptoms in apprentices exposed to high-molecular-weight allergens
Egg white proteins as inhalant allergens associated with baker's asthma
Quality of life and patients' satisfaction in chronic urticaria and respiratory allergy
Evaluation of asthma knowledge and quality of life in Hungarian asthmatics
Further characterization of IgE-binding antigens from guinea pig hair as new members of the lipocalin family
Peach profilin: cloning, heterologous expression and cross-reactivity with Bet v 2
Various factors (allergen nature, mouse strain, CpG/recombinant protein expressed) influence the immune response elicited by genetic immunization
Analysis of the CD4+ T cell responses to house dust mite allergoid
Effects on inflammation parameters of a double-blind, placebo controlled one-year course of SLIT in children monosensitized to mites
High prevalence of IgG and IgA antibodies to 19-kDa Helicobacter pylori -associated lipoprotein in chronic urticaria
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