C-reactive protein is linked to disease activity, impact, and response to treatment in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria
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Blood and nasal epigenetics correlate with allergic rhinitis symptom development in the environmental exposure unit
Allergic FcεRI- and pseudo-allergic MRGPRX2-triggered mast cell activation routes are independent and inversely regulated by SCF
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5-/12-Lipoxygenase-linked cascade contributes to the IL-33-induced synthesis of IL-13 in mast cells, thus promoting asthma development
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Sequential allergen desensitization of basophils is non-specific and may involve p38 MAPK
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Detailed characterization of Act d 12 and Act d 13 from kiwi seeds: implication in IgE cross-reactivity with peanut and tree nuts
Contact sensitizer 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene is a highly potent human TRPA1 agonist
Atopic dermatitis, STAT3- and DOCK8-hyper-IgE syndromes differ in IgE-based sensitization pattern
Chemerin suppresses murine allergic asthma by inhibiting CCL2 production and subsequent airway recruitment of inflammatory dendritic cells
Mesenchymal stem cells regulate airway contractile tissue remodeling in murine experimental asthma
Transforming growth factor-beta 1 pathways in inflammatory airway diseases
The KIT D816V allele burden predicts survival in patients with mastocytosis and correlates with the WHO type of the disease
The dynamics of herpesvirus reactivations during and after severe drug eruptions: their relation to the clinical phenotype and therapeutic outcome
Epicutaneously applied Der p 2 induces a strong TH2-biased antibody response in C57BL/6 mice, independent of functional TLR4
Interleukin-33 requires CMRF35-like molecule-1 expression for induction of myeloid cell activation
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miRNA-155 controls mast cell activation by regulating the PI3Kγ pathway and anaphylaxis in a mouse model
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Magnitude of efficacy measurements in grass allergy immunotherapy trials is highly dependent on pollen exposure
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