Long-Term Care Workforce and Quality
Connecting With the Person in Room 27, Bed 4
Will You Honor the One I Love?
In Memory of Auguste D.
“…And His Wife Barbara of 46 Years”
Marrying Design/Organization and Programming to Create a Home and Community for Alzheimer's Residents
Resolving Controversies About Nursing Home Staffing : Objective Technologies to Project Staffing Needs
Saving Lives Through Quality of Care : A Blueprint for Elder Justice
The Case for Minimum Nurse Staffing Standards in Nursing Homes : A Review of the Literature
Why Workforce Development Should be Part of the Long-Term Care Quality
Changing Culture : Creating a Long-Term Impact for a Quality Long-Term Care Workforce
Relating Well to Persons With Dementia : A Variable Influencing Staffing and Quality of Care Outcomes
Getting to Know You : Making the Connection