End-of-Life Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences and Nursing Homes Serving Individuals With Dementia

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The Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for end of life are based on the latest evidence in research and the experience of care experts. To gain experiential evidence, the association engaged experts from its 79 chapters, representatives of more than 30 national associations, and other experts in a consensus-building process to translate the research into specific recommendations. The recommendations, summarized in this article, fall into 8 specific categories: (1) communication, (2) decision making, (3) care coordination with hospice services, (4) physical symptoms, (5) behavioral symptoms, (6) psychosocial and spiritual support, (7) staff training, and (8) bereavement. All recommendations are based on a person-centered approach to care, which tailors care to the abilities and changing needs of each resident and to his or her wishes regarding care at the end of life.

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