Dementia Care Training in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Settings: Perspectives from the Alzheimer's Association Based on the Evaluation of Foundations of Dementia Care

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As the largest voluntary healthcare organization in Alzheimer care, support, and research, the Alzheimer's Association supports quality dementia care training for all staff, including pre-employment training and annual continuing education for professional staff and others. This article highlights the Alzheimer's Association perspectives in response to the findings from the evaluation of the Alzheimer's Association Foundations of Dementia Care professional training curriculum. There need to be other mechanisms in place such as additional tools like staff competencies, online training, or on-site consultation with the care team to reinforce knowledge gain and practice change. The findings suggest that there is benefit to continuing the use of a scripted training program with some modifications for staff in different settings to ensure fidelity among the trainers and trainee satisfaction. Supervisors demonstrated benefit from the training content on working with other staff, indicating that the learning objectives are being met. New directions in training for the Alzheimer's Association may include the development of a training component for administrators that emphasizes the importance of an organizational climate that supports training in good dementia care, a train-the-trainer curriculum, and certification of individual providers.

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