GABA-mediated effects of some taurine derivatives injected i.c.v. on rabbit rectal temperature and gross motor behavior

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Summary.Some synthetic taurine analogues, namely ethanolamine- O-sulphate (EOS), N, N-dimethyltaurine (DMT), N, N, N-trimethyltaurine (TMT) and 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (AEP) were shown to interact with rabbit brain GABAA- or GABAB-receptors, while (±)piperidine-3-sulfonic acid (PSA) inhibited the activity of rabbit brain 4-aminobutyrate transaminase. This suggests that they behave like direct/indirect GABA agonists or GABA antagonists and affect thermoregulation and gross motor behaviour (GMB) which are under GABA control. In the present study micromole (1.2-48) amounts of these compounds were i.c.v. injected in conscious, restrained rabbits while monitoring rectal temperature (RT), ear skin temperature (EST) and GMB. AEP, EOS, DMT and TMT induced a dose-related hyperthermia, ear vasoconstriction and excitation of GMB, while PSA induced a dose-related hypothermia, ear vasodilation and inhibition of GMB. EOS antagonized in a dose-related fashion hypothermia induced by 60 nmol THIP, a GABAA agonist, while AEP, DMT and TMT counteracted that induced by 8 nmol R(-)Baclofen, a GABAB agonist.In conclusion, EOS and AEP, DMT, TMT seem to act as GABAA and GABAB antagonists, respectively, while PSA behaves like an indirect GABA agonist, all affecting the central mechanisms which drive rabbit thermoregulation.

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