From the Editor
Issue Editor's Preface : Insights From a Community-based Participatory Health Research Initiative
Overview of Nashville REACH 2010's Approach to Eliminating Disparities in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Racial Disparities in Sense of Community and Health Status : Implications in Community-based Participatory Interventions Targeting Chronic Disease in African Americans
Geographic Clustering of Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension in Nashville, Tennessee
Relationship Between Symptoms of Depression, Functional Health Status, and Chronic Disease Among a Residential Sample of African Americans
Development and Evaluation of a Bible College–based Course on Faith and Health
An Evaluation of the Nashville REACH 2010 Community Health Screening Strategy
Diabetes Management Among Low-Income African Americans : A Description of a Pilot Strategy for Empowerment
Oral Conditions and Quality of Life
Applications of Methodologies of the Veterans Health Study in the VA Healthcare System : Conclusions and Summary
Darfur : Assault on Survival
TROT Line : Live and Direct From the Republic of Texas