From the Editor
Dramatic Changes in Health Care Professions in the Past 40 Years
Commentry on “The Changing Medical Division of Labor”
Transforming Health Care Systems
Commentary on “Medicine's Niche Among the Professions”
Commentary on “Evidence-Based Self-management Programs for Seniors and Other With Chronic Diseases”
Commentary on “Changes in the Roles of Health Care Professionals in Primary Care in England's National Health Service”
Commentary on “Community Health Workers and the Changing Workforce”
Changes in the Health Professions
Administrative Challenges to the Integration of Oral Health With Primary Care
Caregiver Expectations and Satisfaction of Urgent Care in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Effects of Hospital Systems on Medical Home Transformation in Primary Care Residency Training Practices
Impact of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot on Utilization, Quality, and Costs and Variation in Medical Homeness
Physician Perception of the Role of the Patient Portal in Pediatric Health
Patient and Physician Race and the Allocation of Time and Patient Engagement Efforts to Mental Health Discussions in Primary Care