The Effect of Caffeine on Postural Stability
The Influence of Caffeine on the Sensory Organization Test
Fitting and Verification of Frequency Modulation Systems on Children with Normal Hearing
Allowing for Asymmetric Distributions When Comparing Auditory Processing Test Percentage Scores with Normative Data
Remediation of Spatial Processing Deficits in Hearing-Impaired Children and Adults
Amplification for Listeners with a Moderately Severe High-Frequency Hearing Loss
Are Chirps Better than Clicks and Tonebursts for Evoking Middle Latency Responses?
The Relationship between the Acceptance of Noise and Acoustic Environments in Young Adults with Normal Hearing: A Pilot Study
The Role of Spectral Resolution, Working Memory, and Audibility in Explaining Variance in Susceptibility to Temporal Envelope Distortion
Loudness as a Cue for Acceptable Noise Levels
JAAA CEU Program Volume 25, Number 6 (June 2014)