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Improving Hearing Performance for Cochlear Implant Recipients with Use of a Digital, Wireless, Remote-Microphone, Audio-Streaming Accessory
Comparison of Clinical and Traditional Gap Detection Tests
The Effect of a High Upper Input Limiting Level on Word Recognition in Noise, Sound Quality Preferences, and Subjective Ratings of Real-World Performance
Measuring Temporal Resolution (Release of Masking) with a Hughson-Westlake Up-Down Instead of a Békèsy-Tracking Procedure
Discrimination of Stochastic Frequency Modulation by Cochlear Implant Users
List Equivalency of PRESTO for the Evaluation of Speech Recognition
All Treatments in Tinnitus Are Experimental, Controversial, and Futuristic: A Comment on “Experimental, Controversial, and Futuristic Treatments for Chronic Tinnitus” by Folmer et al (2014)
JAAA CEU Program