Introduction to Special Issue: Towards Ecologically Valid Protocols for the Assessment of Hearing and Hearing Devices
Theoretical Issues of Validity in the Measurement of Aided Speech Reception Threshold in Noise for Comparing Nonlinear Hearing Aid Systems
A Dynamic Speech Comprehension Test for Assessing Real-World Listening Ability
Common Sound Scenarios: A Context-Driven Categorization of Everyday Sound Environments for Application in Hearing-Device Research
Evaluation of Loudspeaker-Based Virtual Sound Environments for Testing Directional Hearing Aids
Spatial Acoustic Scenarios in Multichannel Loudspeaker Systems for Hearing Aid Evaluation
Effects of Hearing Loss on Dual-Task Performance in an Audiovisual Virtual Reality Simulation of Listening While Walking
The Effects of Hearing Impairment, Age, and Hearing Aids on the Use of Self-Motion for Determining Front/Back Location
A Method for Assessing Auditory Spatial Analysis in Reverberant Multitalker Environments
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