Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Come of Age: A Fifty Year Perspective
Clinical vs. Research?
Phenomenology of Depression in Children and Adolescents
Extrafamilial Information Sources in the Study of Childhood Depression
Normal Children at Risk for Suicidal Behavior: A Two-Year Follow-up Study
Perception of Family Conflict Resolution and Depressive Symptomatology in Adolescents
Recurrent Depression in Adolescents: A Follow-up Study
Generalized Hyperkinesis: Follow-up Study From Age 7 to 13 Years
Attention Deficit Disorder and Methylphenidate: A Multilevel Analysis of Dose-Response Effects on Children's Impulsivity Across Settings
Effects of Methylphenidate Dosage in Hyperactive Reading-disabled Children: I. Behavior and Cognitive Performance Effects
Effects of Methylphenidate Dosage in Hyperactive Reading-disabled Children: II. Reading Achievement
Methylphenidate-induced Delusional Disorder in A Child With Attention Deficit Disorder With Hyperactivity
Investigating Psychopathological Consequences of a Disaster in Children: A Pilot Study Incorporating a Structured Diagnostic Interview
What Happens to Early Memories of Trauma? A Study of Twenty Children Under Age Five at the Time of Documented Traumatic Events
Food Refusal After An Incident of Choking: A Posttraumatic Eating Disorder
Psychiatric Disorder and Juvenile Delinquency in Adopted Children and Adolescents
Affective and Psychotic Psychopathology in Hospitalized Adolescents
Diagnoses, Catecholamine Metabolism, and Plasma Dopamine-β-Hydroxylase
Daily Ratings on a Child Psychiatric Unit: Psychometric Evaluation of the Child Behavior Rating Form
Bipolar Disorder in a Six-Year-Old Boy: A Diagnosis by Proxy
In Memoriam—DSM-III
A Journal Sounding Board?
A Journal Sounding Board? Replay
Treatment Compliance in ADD
Treatment Compliance in ADD Reply
More on Münchausen by Proxy
More on Münchausen by Proxy Replay
Tinnitus and Hallucinations
Tinnitus and Hallucinations Replay
Drug-Induced Hallucinations
The Limbic System: Functional Organization and Clinical Disorders
Developmental Speech and Language Disorders
Notes for Authors