Changes in Inpatient Child Psychiatry
Characteristics of Senior Medical Students Planning to Subspecialize in Child Psychiatry
Child Psychiatry and the History of Medicine in America
Tourette's Syndrome
Behavior Disorder and Attention Deficits in Boys with Tourette Syndrome
Obstetrical Suboptimality in Autistic Children
Recognition of Environmental Sounds in Autistic Children
WISC-R and Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale Scores in Autistic Children
Low Plasma Immunoreactive β-Endorphin Levels in Autism
Efficacy and Safety of Fenfluramine in Autistic Children
Case Study Autistic Social Dysfunction and Down Syndrome
Child Psychopathology Rating Scales and Interrater Agreement
Child Psychopathology Rating Scales and Interrater Agreement
Hallucinations in Children
Minor Physical Anomalies as a Biologic Marker for Behavior Disorders
Case Study Schizophrenia in a 48,XXXX Child
Case Study Day Treatment Outcome with Severely Disturbed Children
Well-Being of Children Participating in Psychobiological Research
Psychotic Features in Adolescents with Major Depression
Case Study Bipolar Disorder in Mentally Retarded Adolescents
Case Study Mania and Neuropsychiatric Excitation Following Carbamazepine
Children's Knowledge and Attitudes about AIDS
Statistical Differences
The Author Replies
Fear of Choking and Food Refusal
Depression and Substance Abuse
Methylphenidate Side Effects
Moral Development Through Social Interaction
Psychopathological Disorders of Childhood
Infant and Childhood Depression