Current Perspectives on the Eating Disorders
The Triple Board
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders in DSM-IV
Cognitive and Social Correlates of DSM-III Disorders in Preadolescent Children
Risk Factors for Maladjustment in Puerto Rican Children
Child Psychiatric Disorders and Their Correlates
Ontario Child Health Study
A Longitudinal Analysis of Selected Risk Factors for Childhood Psychopathology
ADDH and Conduct Disorder
The Response of Aggressive and Nonaggressive ADHD Children to Two Doses of Methylphenidate
Effect of Anxiety on Cognition, Behavior, and Stimulant Response in ADHD
Reduction of Attention Deficit and Internalizing Symptoms in Preschoolers through Parent-Child Interaction Training
Does Methylphenidate Constrict Cognitive Functioning?
A Double-blind Placebo Controlled Study of Desipramine in the Treatment of ADD
Correlates of Suicidal Ideation in a Community Sample of Children and Adolescents
An Outbreak of Suicide and Suicidal Behavior in a High School
Suicide Awareness Programs in the Schools
A National Survey of School-Based, Adolescent Suicide Prevention Programs
Is Major Depressive Disorder in Childhood a Distinct Diagnostic Entity?
The Relationship of Early Risk and Current Mediators to Depressive Symptomatology in Adolescence
Depression and Anxiety in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Cystic Fibrosis
Imipramine Treatment of Trichotillomania and Coexisting Depression in a Seven-Year-Old
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor Toxicity
Childhood Schizophrenia
The Debate on Day Care Continued
The Debate on Day Care Continued
The Debate on Day Care Continued
The Debate on Day Care Continued
Safety of Desipramine
Safety of Desipramine
Safety of Desipramine
Fragile X and Autism
Safety of Desipramine
Training in Research
Dr. Tanguay Replies
Capital Punishment for Mitigators?
Studies of Psychosocial Risk
Giving Children a Chance
Bases of Severe Behavioral Disorders in Children and Youth
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