Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Infantile Autism and Social Communication Spectrum Disorder
The DSM-IH-R Field Trial of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Age of Symptom Onset in Young Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Detection of Maternal Antibodies in Infantile Autism
Dermatoglyphic Study in Autistic Children and Controls
Fragile X Syndrome, DSM-HI-R, and Autism
Asperger's Syndrome and Ligamentous Laxity
Pervasive Developmental Disorder in Monozygotic Twins
An Autistic Boy Copes with a Terminal Illness
The Role of Advanced Technology in Inpatient Child Psychiatry
Characteristics of Children and Adolescents in a Psychiatric Hospital and a Corrections Facility
Platelet Imipramine Binding in Children and Adolescents with Impulsive Behavior
Parental Substance Abuse and Suspected Child Abuse/Maltreatment Predict Outcome in Children's Inpatient Treatment
Patient, Parent, and Staff Attitudes toward Allowing Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients to Smoke
Interpretation of Transference in the Psychotherapy of Adolescents and Young Adults
Case Study
Case Study
A Survey of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residents
Research Careers in Child Psychiatry
Child Psychiatry and Legal Liability
Civil Litigation and the Child Psychiatrist
Special Issues in Child Custody Evaluations
Ethical, Legal, and Psychodynamic Considerations in Intervention of a Possible Cult Member
Chmical Restraint?
Dr. Garrison Replies
A Tantrum Test?
The Genetic Latent Structure Model
The Author Reply
Fluoxetine and Anorexia
Fluoxetine and Autism
Fluoxetine-TCA Interaction
TS Prognosis and ADD
Validity of the CBCL
Viewing the Brain
Psychogenesis and the History of Science
Suicide among Youth
Developmental-Behavioral Disorders
Psychiatric Prevention and the Family Life Cycle
The Female Fear
Cumulative Contents, Volume 29, 1990