Current Developments in the Understanding of Mental Retardation Part I : Biological and Phenomenological Perspectives
High-Tech Research in the'90s
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and HIV Disease : A Survey
An AIDS Education and Prevention Program for Hospitalized Adolescents
Prevalence and Correlates of Cutting Behavior : Risk for HIV Transmission
Fear of AIDS Related to Development of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a Child
Young Adult Mental Status of Hyperactive Boys and Their Brothers : A Prospective Follow-up Study
Adolescents with ADHD : Patterns of Behavioral Adjustment, Academic Functioning, and Treatment Utilization
Treatment of ADHD with Fluoxetine : A Preliminary Trial
Effects of Dextroamphetamine on the Cognitive and Social Play of a Preschooler with ADHD
Intranasal Abuse of Prescribed Methylphenidate by an Alcohol and Drug Abusing Adolescent with ADHD
Physical and Sexual Abuse in Childhood : Relationship with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Growth Hormone Response Patterns in Sexually or Physically Abused Boys
Differentiating Hypererotic States in the Evaluation of Sexual Abuse
Adolescent Suicidality : A Clinical-Developmental Approach
The 3-Year Longitudinal Course of Suicidality and Predictive Factors for Subsequent Suicidality in Youths with Major Depressive Disorder
The Impact of Curriculum-based Suicide Prevention Programs for Teenagers : An 18-Month Follow-up
Methylphenidate and Thioridazine in the Treatment of Intellectually Subaverage Children : Effects on Cognitive-Motor Performance
The Prevalence of Fragile X in a Sample of Autistic Individuals Diagnosed Using a Standardized Interview
Imipramine Treatment of ADHD in a Fragile X Child
Biased Reporting by Parents Undergoing Child Custody Evaluations
The U.S. Supreme Court on Victimized Children : The Constitutional Rights of the Defendant versus the Best Interests of the Child
The Cardiotoxicity of the Tricyclics
Suicide in Japan
Does Satanism Exist?
Does Satanism Exist?
Does Satanism Exist? : Reply
Fluoxetine Mechanism of Action
Fluoxetine Mechanism of Action : Reply
Hypomania with Fluoxetine
Transient Psychosis with Fluoxetine
Fluoxetine Side Effects
The Panic Disorder Controversy Continues
Anorexia and Family Dynamics
Anorexia and Family Dynamics : Reply
Pharmacotherapy of Eating and Behavioral Problems
Pharmacotherapy of Eating and Behavioral Problems : Reply
The Birth of the Family : An Empirical Inquiry
DSM-III-R Training Guide for Diagnosis of Childhood Disorders
Play Therapy Primer : Therapeutic Approaches to Children with Emotional Problems
Attachment in the Preschool Years
Stuart M. Finch, M.D., (1919–1991)