Current Developments in the Understanding of Mental Retardation Part I
High-Tech Research in the'90s
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and HIV Disease
An AIDS Education and Prevention Program for Hospitalized Adolescents
Prevalence and Correlates of Cutting Behavior
Fear of AIDS Related to Development of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a Child
Young Adult Mental Status of Hyperactive Boys and Their Brothers
Adolescents with ADHD
Treatment of ADHD with Fluoxetine
Effects of Dextroamphetamine on the Cognitive and Social Play of a Preschooler with ADHD
Intranasal Abuse of Prescribed Methylphenidate by an Alcohol and Drug Abusing Adolescent with ADHD
Physical and Sexual Abuse in Childhood
Growth Hormone Response Patterns in Sexually or Physically Abused Boys
Differentiating Hypererotic States in the Evaluation of Sexual Abuse
Adolescent Suicidality
The 3-Year Longitudinal Course of Suicidality and Predictive Factors for Subsequent Suicidality in Youths with Major Depressive Disorder
The Impact of Curriculum-based Suicide Prevention Programs for Teenagers
Methylphenidate and Thioridazine in the Treatment of Intellectually Subaverage Children
The Prevalence of Fragile X in a Sample of Autistic Individuals Diagnosed Using a Standardized Interview
Imipramine Treatment of ADHD in a Fragile X Child
Biased Reporting by Parents Undergoing Child Custody Evaluations
The U.S. Supreme Court on Victimized Children
The Cardiotoxicity of the Tricyclics
Suicide in Japan
Does Satanism Exist?
Does Satanism Exist?
Does Satanism Exist?
Fluoxetine Mechanism of Action
Fluoxetine Mechanism of Action
Hypomania with Fluoxetine
Transient Psychosis with Fluoxetine
Fluoxetine Side Effects
The Panic Disorder Controversy Continues
Anorexia and Family Dynamics
Anorexia and Family Dynamics
Pharmacotherapy of Eating and Behavioral Problems
Pharmacotherapy of Eating and Behavioral Problems
The Birth of the Family
DSM-III-R Training Guide for Diagnosis of Childhood Disorders
Play Therapy Primer
Attachment in the Preschool Years
Stuart M. Finch, M.D., (1919–1991)