Neurochemistry and Child Psychiatry
Personality Development in Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency
Selection of Children for Residential Treatment
The Use of Goal Attainment Scaling as a Method of Evaluating Clinical Outcome in an Inpatient Child Psychiatry Service
The Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Children
Duo Therapy
The Treatment of Encopretic Children
Psychological Reactions to Physical Illness and Hospitalization in Adolescence
A Study of Board Certification in Child Psychiatry as a Valid Indicator of Clinical Competence
Child Psychiatry Perspectives
Children, What Are They?
Infant Psychiatry: A New Synthesis
Growing Up in Garden Court
Predictability in Psychopharmacology: Preclinical and Clinical Correlations
Understanding Piaget
Schizophrenia: Biological and Psychological Perspectives
Psychological Deprivation in Childhood
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