First Steps in Language Acquisition
Aspects of Language Acquisition and Use From Age 2 to Age 20
The Quest for a Linguistic Model to Study the Speech of Autistic Children : Studies on Echoing
Cognitive Structures, Language, and Emerging Social Competence in Autistic and Aphasic Children
Language, Cognitive Development, and Personality : A Synthesis
Minor Physical Anomalies : A Newborn Screening and 1-Year Follow-Up
Determinants of Normal Variation in Infants' Negative Reactions to Unfamiliar Adults
Psychiatric Management of Limb Amputation in a Preschool child : The Illusion of “Like Me-Not Me”
Issues in the Transfer of Children in Dynamic Psychotherapy
A Follow-Up Study of Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients with Anorexia Nervosa : I. The Assessment of Outcome
One Year's Survey of Child Psychiatry Consultations in a Pediatric Hospital
The Child Psychiatrist Treating Physicians' Families
Psychological Stress of Young Black Children as a Result of School Desegregation
Child Psychiatry Perspectives : Professional Competence, Public Confidence, and Children's Rights
Growth and Change of Schizophrenic Children : A Longitudinal Study
The Cycles of Sex
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