Epidemiologic Perspectives On Maladaptation In Children
Genetic and Psychophysiological Factors in Asocial Behavior
Parental Psychiatric Illness, Broken Homes, and Delinquency
Animal Models and Childhood Behavioral Disturbances
Hyperactivity and Antisocial Behavior
Delinquency and the Schizophrenic Spectrum of Disorders
Violence in Children and Adults
The Screaming Baby
Adaptation to the Birth of a Down's Syndrome Infant
Imaginary Companions of Two Children
Stability and Change in Individual Temperament Diagnoses from Infancy to Early Childhood
A Reliability Study of the Mental Health Assessment Form for School-Age Children
A Model for the Introduction of Infant Mental Health Services to Community Mental Health Agencies
Psychiatric Treatment of Abused Children
The Effect of an Unlocked Door on Adolescent Runaway and Aggression
Child Psychiatry Perspectives
Anglo Adoptions of Native Americans
The Neuropsychology of Learning Disorders
Development and Learning Disabilities
The Role of the Father in Child Development
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