State and Rhythmic Processes
Home-Recorded Sleep in 2− and 9-Month-Old Infants
Genetic Aspects of Temperamental Differences in Infants
The Effects of Caffeine and Methylphenidate on Hyperactive Children
Growth Hormone, Prolactin and Cortisol Responses and Growth Patterns in Hyperkinetic Children Treated with Dextro-Amphetamine
Hyperactive Children in Canada and Uganda
Psychological Implications of Childhood Genitourinary Surgery
Intervention with Overtly Rejecting Parents
The Minor's Role in Consent for Mental Health Treatment
Manic-Depressive Illness in Adolescence
Adolescents and Their Psychiatrist's Suicide
Trichotillomania and Trichobezoar in an Infant
Child Psychiatry Perspectives
Response to Irving N. Berlin's Discussion of “A Study of Board Certification in Child Psychiatry”
Vulnerability, Coping, and Growth from Infancy to Adolescence
From Teenage to Young Manhood
The Politics of Adoption
Emotional Care of the Facially Burned and Disfigured
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