Child Psychiatry and Family Therapy
Triaxial Family Classification A Proposal
The Specific Participation of the Child in Family Therapy
The Double-Bind Theory Some Current Implications for Child Psychiatry
Ecology of Abusive and Nonabusive Families Implications for Intervention
Psychosomatic Family in Child Psychiatry
Family Therapy Behavioral Approaches
Telemetered Heart Rate as a Psychophysiological Correlate of Mother-Child Interaction
Therapeutic Storytelling with Preschoolers
Assessment of Development in the Deaf Child
Application of Biofeedback to Treatment of Children
The Hyperactive Child in Adolescence
Abuse of Prescribed Stimulant Medication by a 13-Year-Old Hyperactive Boy
Child Psychiatry Perspectives Accountability and the Future of Child Psychiatry
Book Reviews
Books Received
Seldom Wolf and alan Forsythe, Behaviour disturbance, phenobarbitol, and febrile seizures
Relative effects of drug and diet on hyperatctive behaviours
Noncompliance in children with renal transplants
Noncompliance in children with renal transplants
Evaluation of a patterning treatment for retarded children
Observations on immediate reactions of families to sudden infant death
Follow-up of families who experience a perinatal death
Grief response of parents to neonatal death and parent participation in deciding care
Childhood cancer