Epidemiology and Child Psychiatry
Methods in Epidemiology
Estimating the Prevalence of Childhood Psychopathology
Why Teenagers Come for Treatment
The Epidemiology of Low-Level Lead Exposure in Childhood
Epidemiological/Longitudinal Strategies and Causal Research in Child Psychiatry
The Epidemiology of Suicide in Children and Young Adolescents
Epidemiological Approaches to Natural History Research
Comments on Some Ethical, Legal, and Clinical Issues Affecting Consent in Treatment, Organ Transplants, and Research in Children
Evaluation of Differential Data Sources
The Assessment and Enhancement of Development of a Child Being Raised in Reverse Isolation
Hallucinatory Phenomena in Childhood
Clinical Effects of Amitriptyline in Adolescent Depression
The Psychological Effects of Moving and Living Overseas
Educational Handicap, Public Policy, and Social History
Fifteen Thousand Hours
The Origins of Human Competence
Studying Children
Books Received
Development of children's concepts of illness
The Winnicott Squiggle Game