Piagetian Psychology and the Practice of Child Psychiatry
The Effect of Neonatal Complications in Same-Sexed Premature Twins on Their Mothers' Preference
Mother and Preschool Child Interaction
The Reliability of Memories for Attachment to Special, Soft Objects During Childhood
The Child Assessment Schedule (CAS) Diagnostic Interview
Children's Bereavement Reactions Following Death of the Father
Group Consultation with Highly Stressed Medical Personnel to Avoid Burnout
Prepaid Comprehensive Mental Health Services for Children
A Study of a Child Psychiatrist's Interventions
The Technique of Verbal Games in Group Therapy with Early Adolescents
Body Image Development in the Burned Child
Conversion Disorder with Pseudoseizures in Adolescence
Child Victims of Sexual Assault
The Role of the Child Psychiatrist in Court Cases Involving Child Victims of Sexual Assault
Psychiatric Malpractice
Starving to Death in a Sea of Objects
Boundary and Space
Delinquency in Human Nature
Factors associated with maternal opinion of infant development—clues to the vulnerable child? (69
Child Health and Social Status (69
Effect of high school students' knowledge of child development and child health on approaches to child discipline (69
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