Play and Language in Developmentally Disordered Preschoolers: A New Approach to Classification
A Longitudinal Study of Patients with Severe Developmental Disorders of Language Learning
Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response in Children with Central Language Disturbance
Treasured Object Use—A Cognitive and Developmental Marker
“Good Enough” Mothering and the Incidence of Transitional Objects after Infantile Colic
Effects of Fenfluramine on 14 Outpatients with the Syndrome of Autism
Correlates of Psychopathology in Sick Children: An Empirical Model
A Prospective, Controlled Study of Scheduled Sibling Visits to a Newborn Intensive Care Unit
Capgras Syndrome Variant in an 8½-year-Old Boy
Clinical Practice of Child Psychiatry: A Survey
Language Disorders
The Role of the Father in Child Development
The Development of Attachment and Affiliative Systems
Clinical Aspects of Child Development
Child Abuse Prediction: Policy Implication
The Child in His Family (Children in Turmoil, Tomorrow's Parents)
The Rights of Children
Methylphenidate hydrochloride given with or before breakfast
Methylphenidate hydrochloride given with or before breakfast
Early contact, social support, and mother-infant bonding
Enhancing infant development and parent-practitioner interaction with the Brazelton Neonatal Assessment Scale
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