Tourette's Syndrome
An Overview of Clinical Experience
The Risk of Tourette's Syndrome and Chronic Multiple Tics among Relatives of Tourette's Syndrome Patients Obtained by Direct Interview
Tourette's Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyper activity
Provocative Drug Testing in Tourette's Syndrome
A New Instrument for Clinical Studies of Tourette's Syndrome
Controlled Study of Pimozide vs. Placebo in Tourette's Syndrome
Growth Hormone Response to Clonidine in Children Ages 4–17
Diet and the Behavior of Children with Attention Deficit Disorder
Serious Sibling Abuse by Preschool Children
Preliminary Studies of the Reliability and Validity of the Children's Depression Rating Scale
Selective Bias in Educational Mainstreaming of Deaf, Intellectually Normal Adolescents
Clinical Characteristics of Emotionally Disturbed Boys with Very Low Activities of Dopamine-β-hydroxylase
Decisions about Drug Treatment in Children
Factors Associated with a History of Childhood Sexual Experience in a Nonclinical Female Population
Psychological Reactions of a Boy to Severe Electrical Burns Including the Loss of His Penis
Treatment of Adolescents in Family Therapy after Divorce
The Emotionally Disturbed Child Psychiatry Trainee
ANNA FREUD, December 3, 1895 – October 9, 1982
Studies of Children
Stressful Life Events and Their Contexts
Treatment Issues and Innovations in Mental Retardation.
Effect of psychosocial stimulation on mental development of severely mainourished children
Homicide as a cause of pediatric mortality in the United States
Unexpected death of an infant sibling
A death in the family