Child Survivors of the Holocaust
Legal Aspects of Child Persecution During the Holocaust
A Child Survivor/Psychiatrist's Personal Adaptation
Role of Memories in Lives of World War II Orphans
Therapeutic Value of Documenting Child Survivors
Longitudinal Follow-up of Child Survivors of the Holocaust
Child Survivors of the Holocaust—40 Years Later
The Development and Validation of the Children's Self-Report Psychiatric Rating Scale
Construct Validity of Clinical Diagnosis in Pediatric Psychiatry
Informant Variance
Children's Attachment to Soft Objects at Bedtime, Child Rearing, and Child Development
The Relationship of Weight Gain and Caloric Intake in Infants with Organic and Nonorganic Failure to Thrive Syndrome
Indochinese Immigrant Children
The Stability of Cognitive and Linguistic Parameters in Autism
Autistic Children as Adults
Suicidal Behavior by Hospitalized Preadolescent Children on a Psychiatric Unit
Neurological Dysfunction in Serious Delinquents
Combined Use of Tricyclic Antidepressants and Neuroleptics in the Management of Terminally 111 Children
Major Depressive Disorder in a Preschooler
Multiple Personality in a 10-Year-Old Girl
Use of The Infant Temperament Questionnaire To the Editor
Authors's Reply To the Editor
Infantile Rumination To the Editor
Book Review Editor
Anxiety in children
Anorexia Nervosa
Children of Exceptional parents
Handbook of Psychiatric Consultation with Children and Youth
Advances in Clinical Child Psychology (Vol. 7)
Film and Videotape Review Editor
The Hillcrest Family
Preschool performance of children with normal intelligence who were very low-birth-weight infants
Munchausen syndrome by proxy
Sleep problems seen in pediatric practice
Epidemiology of trauma in a population of incarcerated youth
Serious head injury in infants
Factors affecting growth and intellectual function in children of drug addicts
Loss of intellectual function in children with phenylketonuria after relaxation of dietary phenylalanine restriction
Are toy guns too dangerous?