The Response to Overwhelming Stress
Witness to Violence
Children Who Witness Parental Murder
Terrorizing Attacks on Children by Psychotic Parents
A School Disaster—Intervention and Research Aspects
Child and Parent Reaction to the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident
An Epidemiological Study of Psychic Trauma and Treatment Effectiveness for Children after a Natural Disaster
Psychological Management of Children in a National Crisis
The Psychiatric Effects of Massive Trauma on Cambodian Children
The Psychiatric Effects of Massive Trauma on Cambodian Children
Children under Severe Stress
Affective Expression in Normal and Physically Handicapped Infants
Cortisol Dynamics and Test Performance of the Dexamethasone Suppression Test in 97 Psychiatrically Hospitalized Children Aged 3–16 Years
Depressive Syndrome in Children Entering a Residential School Subsequent to Parent Death, Divorce, or Separation
Measuring Diabetes-specific Family Support and Its Relation to Metabolic Control
A Controlled Study of the Life Events of the Mothers of Maltreated Children in Suburban Families
The Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines
Psychiatric Intervention in Children
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Issue
Response to Grand Rounds
Dr. Wiener Replies
A Relationship between Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Affective Disorders?
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Modern Approaches
Psychological Problems of the Child in the Family
Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, Volumes I and II
Handbook of Mental Illness in the Mentally Retarded
Childhood Cancer
Coping with Pediatric Illness
Where Did I Come From?
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