Cicatricial pemphigoid
Anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis vulgaris: Results of a pilot, multicenter, multiple-dose, placebo-controlled study
Late metastases of cutaneous melanoma: An analysis of 31 patients
Effect of daily versus intermittent sunscreen application on solar simulated UV radiation–induced skin response in humans
Sensitivity and specificity of clinical, histologic, and immunologic features in the diagnosis of paraneoplastic pemphigus
Prognostic indicators in venous ulcers
Raynaud's phenomenon, anticentromere antibodies, and digital necrosis without sclerodactyly: An entity independent of scleroderma?
Rapidly progressing mycosis fungoides presenting as follicular mucinosis
A large-scale North American study of fungal isolates from nails: The frequency of onychomycosis, fungal distribution, and antifungal susceptibility patterns
The prevalence of atopic dermatitis in Oregon schoolchildren
Photodamage pilot study: A double-blind, vehicle-controlled study to assess the efficacy and safety of tazarotene 0.1% gel
Basal cell carcinoma in chronic arsenicism occurring in Queensland, Australia, after ingestion of an asthma medication
Ultraviolet A1 (340-400 nm) phototherapy for scleroderma in systemic sclerosis
PUVA-cream photochemotherapy for the treatment of localized scleroderma
Peristomal dermatoses: A novel indication for topical steroid lotions
Therapeutic update: Use of risperidone for the treatment of monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis
Silicone auricular prosthesis
Potassium iodide in dermatology: A 19th century drug for the 21st century—uses, pharmacology, adverse effects, and contraindications
Widespread cutaneous vascular papules associated with peripheral blood eosinophilia and prominent inguinal lymphadenopathy
Pilomatricomas contain activating mutations in β-catenin*
Directional migration of human keratinocytes in direct current electric fields requires growth factors and calcium and is regulated by epidermal growth factor receptor*
Endothelin-1 down-regulates E-cadherin in melanocytic cells by apoptosis-independent activation of caspase-8*
The histopathologic misdiagnosis of melanoma: Sources and consequences of “false positives” and “false negatives”*
Identifying the missing link between UV and p53: The role of phosphatidyl inositol kinase-related kinases*
The use of interferon alfa as adjuvant therapy for advanced cutaneous melanoma: The need for more evidence
Surgical Pearl: Digital imaging for mapping Mohs surgical specimens
Iotaderma #81
Paraneoplastic pemphigus with circulating antibodies directed exclusively against the pemphigus vulgaris antigen desmoglein 3
Constipation presenting as recurrent vulvovaginitis in prepubertal children
Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis associated with topical PUVA
Dermoscopic features of cutaneous local recurrent melanoma
Photochemotherapy for systemic and localized scleroderma
Evidence-based medicine: The epistemology that isn't
Paradoxical effect of interferon alfa on lichenmyxedematosus
Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy and multiplepregnancies
Long latency of human herpesvirus type 8 infection and theappearance of classic Kaposi's sarcoma
Journal of the American Academy of DERMATOLOGY