Alar batten cartilage grafting in nasal reconstruction: Functional and cosmetic results

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Alar batten cartilage grafts can restore form and function to a compromised ala, prevent stenosis of the nasal valve, and maintain unrestricted air movement. Soft tissue reconstructive options can be combined with alar batten grafts.


Our purpose was to analyze functional and cosmetic outcomes in a series of patients undergoing alar batten cartilage grafting.


We analyzed the functional and cosmetic outcomes of 25 patients in whom reconstruction involved alar batten cartilage grafts. Assessment included defect characteristics, function and cosmesis (rated by physician and patient), and complications.


Eighty-three percent of patients had good to excellent functional and cosmetic results by patient and physician assessment. Three patients were rated as having poor cosmetic results by the physician; all 3 patients graded these results as good. One episode of graft failure occurred, and recipient and donor site complications were minor.


Alar batten cartilage grafts appear to be an excellent option for reconstruction of substantial alar defects. (J Am Acad Dermatol 2000;43:833-6.)

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