Panniculitis. Part II. Mostly lobular panniculitis
Confocal scanning laser microscopy of benign and malignant melanocytic skin lesions in vivo
Balsam-related systemic contact dermatitis
American Board of Dermatology Examination Dates
Short-contact topical tretinoin therapy to stimulate granulation tissue in chronic wounds
Natural course of physical and chronic urticaria and angioedema in 220 patients
The penetration of 0.005% fluticasone propionate ointment in eyelid skin
Pointillist nevi
Radiation therapy for Bowen's disease: Lessons for lesions of the lower extremity
Evaluation of a new paraffin-reactive CD7 T-cell deletion marker and a polymerase chain reaction-based T-cell receptor gene rearrangement assay: Implications for diagnosis of mycosis fungoides in community clinical practice
Microphthalmia transcription factor immunohistochemistry: A useful diagnostic marker in the diagnosis and detection of cutaneous melanoma, sentinel lymph node metastases, and extracutaneous melanocytic neoplasms
Dapsone and sulfones in dermatology: Overview and update
Pruritus and eosinophilia in a 14-year-old girl from Liberia
Guidelines of care for liposuction
Tuberous sclerosis. Part I. Clinical and central nervous system findings
Tuberous sclerosis. Part II. Musculoskeletal and visceral findings
Surgical Pearl: Gentian violet-dyed sutures improve intraoperative visualization
Pigmented purpuric contact dermatitis from Disperse Blue 106 and 124 dyes
Accidental bullous phototoxic reactions to bergamot aromatherapy oil
Diffuse dermal angiomatosis of the breast: Response to isotretinoin
Actinic keratoses—malignant or not?
Actinic keratoses—malignant or not?
Surviving on a balsam-restricted diet: Cruel and unusual punishment or medically necessary therapy?
Genomics and drug discovery
Clearance can be a realistic expectation of psoriasis treatment
Clearance can be a realistic expectation of psoriasis treatment
Mouse fingers, a new computer-related skin disorder
Drug eruption reference manual 2001
Dermatology, September 2000-August 2001, an internet resource guide
Self-assessment examination of the American Academy of Dermatology*
Instructions for Category I CME Credit
Instructions for Category I CME credit (Self-Assessment)