Acquired disorders of elastic tissue
Acquired disorders of elastic tissue
Answers to CME examination
Comparison of selective retinoic acid receptor– and retinoic X receptor–mediated efficacy, tolerance, and survival in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
An open trial of climatotherapy at the Dead Sea for patch-stage mycosis fungoides
Granuloma annulare with a mycosis fungoides–like distribution and palisaded granulomas of CD68-positive histiocytes
Ultraviolet exposure is a reinforcing stimulus in frequent indoor tanners
Topical tacrolimus therapy for vitiligo
Jellinek NJ, Desousa RA, Bernhard JD. The clinical influence of the JAAD. J Am Acad Dermatol 2004;50:470–4 (March)
Mucosal dominant pemphigus vulgaris with anti-desmoplakin autoantibodies
Valencia IC, Kirsner RS, Kerdel FA. Microbiologic evaluation of skin wounds
Treatment of vitiligo by transplantation of cultured pure melanocyte suspension
Eruptive linear papules on the abdomen of a woman with ascites
How to reply to referees' comments when submitting manuscripts for publication
Helen Ollendorff Curth and William Curth
Rosacea subtype-directed therapy
Surgical Pearl
Localized linear IgA disease induced by ampicillin/sulbactam
Cutaneous findings in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension receiving long-term epoprostenol therapy
Management of multifocal primary cutaneous CD30+ anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Clonal identity between skin and synovial tissue in a case of mycosis fungoides with polyarthritis
A patient with both bullous pemphigoid and epidermolysis bullosa acquisita
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma sparing resolving dermatomal herpes zoster lesions
Treatment of recalcitrant scleromyxedema with thalidomide in 3 patients
Management of cutaneous lesions associated with an emerging epidemic
Reviewers for volumes 49 and 50
A vesiculopustular variant of mycosis fungoides palmaris et plantaris masquerading as palmoplantar pustulosis with nail involvement
Enoxaparin sodium–induced bullous pemphigoid-like eruption
Death from cerebrovascular infarction in a patient with PHACES syndrome
Metastatic transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder presenting as genital edema
Primary follicular mucinosis and association with mycosis fungoides and other cutaneous T-cell lymphomas
Primary follicular mucinosis and association with mycosis fungoides and other cutaneous T-cell lymphomas
Psoriasis and vitiligo
Mucocutaneous manifestations of viral diseases
Psychocutaneous medicine
Sentinel lymph node biopsy has no benefit for patients with primary cutaneous melanoma
Classics in clinical dermatology with biographical sketches. 50th anniversary 2nd edition
An asymptomatic red macule
Statistically speaking
Woman with pruritic eruption on the chest and buttocks
Dermoscopy challenges
Look out, dermatology
Look out, dermatology
The vitamin D dilemma