Treatment of eosinophilic pustular folliculitis with tacrolimus ointment
Primary carcinoid tumor of the skin
Hypertrichosis of the eyelashes caused by bimatoprost
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia presenting with urticarial plaques and hypereosinophilia in a child
Superficial morphea in a man
Poison ivy
Tumid lupus erythematosus occurring following highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection
Primary cutaneous extraskeletal osteosarcoma under a previous electrodessicated actinic keratosis
Kaposi's varicelliform eruption in association with rosacea
Deep dermatophytosis caused by Trichophyton rubrum with concomitant disseminated nocardiosis in a renal transplant recipient
Intralesional interferon alfa-2b treatment of keratoacanthomas
Pelodera strongyloides infestation presenting as pruritic dermatitis
Cutaneous adiaspiromycosis
Disseminated human papillomavirus type 11 infection in a patient with pemphigus vulgaris
Nonhealing ulcer secondary to factor V Leiden mutation and cryofibrinogenemia
Cutaneous leishmaniasis in soldiers returning from deployment to Iraq