Vascular malformations
Vascular malformations
Vascular malformations
UV light abuse and high-risk tanning behavior among undergraduate college students
Basal cell carcinoma on the trunk is associated with excessive sun exposure
Prevalence of sunless tanning product use and related behaviors among adults in the United States
Examination of mediating variables in a partner assistance intervention designed to increase performance of skin self-examination
Factors influencing participation in cutaneous screening among individuals with a family history of melanoma
Skin sun-acne tutorial evaluation among middle and high-school students in central New Jersey
Dispelling the myth of the “benign hair sign” for melanoma
Evaluation of digital dermoscopy in a pigmented lesion clinic
Imiquimod as an antiaging agent
Psychologic distress in polymorphous light eruption and its relationship to patients' beliefs about their condition
A randomized, controlled, split-face clinical trial of 1320-nm Nd
Two randomized studies demonstrate the efficacy and safety of dapsone gel, 5% for the treatment of acne vulgaris
Malignant cutaneous tumors of the scalp
Tryptase detection in bone-marrow blood
Forehead lipoma resection via a small remote incision using a surgical raspatory
Nail toxicity associated with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor therapy
Intense pulsed light
Psoriasis, innate immunity, and gene pools
Subcutaneous fat in normal and diseased states
Fotoiotaderma #158
Ultraviolet recall reaction after total body irradiation, etoposide, and methotrexate therapy
Acneiform eruptions associated with epidermal growth factor receptor–targeted chemotherapy
Verrucous carcinoma of the scalp
Dermoscopy features of melanoma incognito
Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors
Iron and hair loss in women; what is deficiency? This is the real question!
Iron and hair loss in women; what is deficiency? This is the real question!
Tacrolimus is not a preventive agent for occupational skin diseases
Tacrolimus is not a preventive agent for occupational skin diseases
[Latin] dermatology as she is spoke[n],
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in non-blood-related family members
Congenital melanocytic nevus is a disease with two clinicopathologic forms of presentation
Combination of topical 5-aminolevulinic acid–photodynamic therapy with carbon dioxide laser for sebaceous hyperplasia
Practice patterns among osteopathic dermatologists in the United States
Costs of pulse versus continuous terbinafine for onychomycosis
Sorafenib-induced erythema multiforme
Treatment of perioral dermatitis with topical pimecrolimus
Lymphangiosarcoma presenting as asymptomatic swelling of the cheek
Hidradenitis suppurativa
Thieme Clinical Companions. Dermatology
Derm notes. Dermatology Clinical Pocket Guide
Pocket Guide for Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery
Self-Assessment examination of the American Academy of Dermatology*
Male with blistering hands
A 72-year-old male with episodic dyspnea on exertion
Woman with dark longitudinal bands on her nails