Eruptive latent metastatic melanomas after initiation of antitumor necrosis factor therapies
Bullous pemphigoid associated with hypereosinophilic syndrome
A novel case of IgA paraneoplastic pemphigus associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Clinical and molecular dilemmas in the diagnosis of familial epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa
Pemphigus vulgaris presenting in a radiation portal
The expanding spectrum of Galli–Galli disease
Lichen planus responding to efalizumab
Bullous pemphigoid positive for anti-BP180 and anti-laminin 5 antibodies in a patient with graft-vs-host disease
Divided café-au-lait macule of the mouth
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Surgical Pearl
Medical Pearl
Surgical Pearl
Tanning in body dysmorphic disorder
Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy with recurrence after allograft failure
Schwannoma coexisting with giant congenital melanocytic nevus
Mycosis fungoides involving the nasal mucosa
Drug-induced lupus erythematosus in a patient treated with adalumimab
Perianal ulceration and other cutaneous ulcerations complicating nicorandil therapy
Vaginal ulcerations with acute mycoplasma infection
Recurrent erythema multiforme in association with recurrent Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections
Prompt response of refractory Schnitzler syndrome to treatment with anakinra
Acquired digital arteriovenous malformation
Cutaneous vasculitis in two patients taking an herbal supplement containing black cohosh
Facial edema and crusted patches
Self-induced paraffinoma in a schizophrenic patient