Treatment of cellulite
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
Treatment of cellulite
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
Hydroxychloroquine and lichen planopilaris
Efficacy and safety of mycophenolate mofetil for lichen planopilaris
Commentary: Treatment of lichen planopilaris
‘Relaxers’ damage hair
Long-term follow-up of toenail onychomycosis caused by dermatophytes after successful treatment with systemic antifungal agents
Folliculotropic mycosis fungoides
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase I study of MEDI-545, an anti-interferon-alfa monoclonal antibody, in subjects with chronic psoriasis
Human eyelid meibomian glands and tarsal muscle are recognized by autoantibodies from patients affected by a new variant of endemic pemphigus foliaceus in El-Bagre, Colombia, South America
A randomized study of the efficacy and safety of injectable poly-L-lactic acid versus human-based collagen implant in the treatment of nasolabial fold wrinkles
Epidermotropic Merkel cell carcinoma
The dermal-based borderline melanocytic tumor
X-linked ichthyosis
Hormone therapy for acne
C hronic a typical n eutrophilic d ermatosis with l ipodystrophy and e levated temperature (CANDLE) syndrome
Leg ulcer and thigh telangiectasia associated with natural killer cell CD56− large granular lymphocyte leukemia in a patient with pseudo-Felty syndrome
Grooming and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia
Goeckerman treatment
Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Texas
An outbreak of Mycobacterium chelonae infections in tattoos
Dermatitis herpetiformis exacerbated by cornstarch
Decrease of ultraviolet A light-induced “common deletion” in healthy volunteers after oral Polypodium leucotomos extract supplement in a randomized clinical trial
Interobserver accuracy of store and forward teledermatology for skin neoplasms
Goeckerman therapy versus biologics in the treatment of psoriasis
Hypnosis in refractory alopecia areata significantly improves depression, anxiety, and life quality but not hair regrowth
Dermatology inpatient consultations
Mineral make-up and its potential utility in patients with contact dermatitis
Where did current academic dermatologists train?
Xanthogranuloma on the penis of an adult
Concordance rate of alopecia areata in identical twins supports both genetic and environmental factors
Acanthosis nigricans in a patient with sarcoma of unknown origin
Unilateral nevoid telangiectasia on the lower extremity of a pediatric patient
Acral lymphomatoid papulosis
Cetuximab-induced hypertrichosis of the scalp and eyelashes
Scalp abscesses, fluctuant nodules, and patchy alopecia in an African American male
Patchy alopecia following chemotherapy
Linear scalp plaques
Hypopigmented macules
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