Toxic epidermal necrolysis
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
Toxic epidermal necrolysis
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
Characterization of clinical photosensitivity in cutaneous lupus erythematosus
The Localized Scleroderma Cutaneous Assessment Tool: Responsiveness to change in a pediatric clinical population
Intravenous immune globulin therapy for Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis complicated by hemolysis leading to pigment nephropathy and hemodialysis
A prospective observational study evaluating hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis alteration and efficacy of intramuscular triamcinolone acetonide for steroid-responsive dermatologic disease
Cutaneous delayed-type hypersensitivity in patients with atopic dermatitis
Vitamin D effects in atopic dermatitis
Fingernail psoriasis reconsidered: A case-control study
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Association of FOXP3 (rs3761548) promoter polymorphism with nondermatomal vitiligo: A study from India
Online learning in a dermatology clerkship: Piloting the new American Academy of Dermatology Medical Student Core Curriculum
Clinic teaching made easy: A prospective study of the American Academy of Dermatology core curriculum in primary care learners
Fractionated 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy after partial debulking versus surgical excision for nodular basal cell carcinoma: A randomized controlled trial with at least 5-year follow-up
Elastic staining versus fluorescent and polarized microscopy in the diagnosis of alopecia
Research agenda consensus conference
Chinese herbal medicine for atopic dermatitis: A systematic review
“You'd know if you ‘friended’ me on Facebook”: Legal, moral, and ethical considerations of online social media
Cyclosporine as maintenance therapy in patients with severe psoriasis
Treatment of mucous membrane pemphigoid with rituximab
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Antinuclear antibodies do not predict anti-infliximab antibody induction in sarcoidosis
The significance of the development of antinuclear antibodies during infliximab treatment
Comment on “Specialty bashing during medical training: Experiences of students applying to a dermatology residency program”
Respect begins at home
Comment on 2012 appropriate use criteria for Mohs micrographic surgery
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Combination of intravenous immunoglobulins and lenalidomide in the treatment of scleromyxedema
Topical amitriptyline combined with topical ketamine for the management of recalcitrant localized pruritus: A retrospective pilot study
JAAD Grand Rounds quiz*
Stellate-shaped ulcers and violaceous plaques
Acral erythematous papules and dysmorphic features
Abdominal necrotic plaque in an immunocompromised patient
Multiple figurate skin lesions
Clonal seborrheic keratosis versus epidermal nevus
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Safe and speedy cantharidin application
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Mobile teledermatology in Ghana: Sending and answering consults via mobile platform
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Pseudomonas folliculitis contracted from rubber gloves: A public health concern
A plastic ear bonnet to protect postsurgical ear wounds
Vemurafenib (PLX-4032)-induced keratoses: Verrucous but not verrucae
Topical bexarotene for psoralen plus ultraviolet A–induced photodamage
Composite hemangioendothelioma presenting as a scalp nodule with alopecia
Effective treatment of idiopathic chronic cold urticaria with omalizumab: Report of 3 cases
Elafin: A possible new biomarker and immunohistochemical stain for pre-engraftment syndrome
Erythema papulatum centrifugum: A sweat-related dermatitis
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Autologous fat transfer–induced facial nodule