Screening, early detection, education, and trends for melanoma: Current status (2007–2013) and future directions
Answers to CME examination
CME examination
Screening, early detection, education, and trends for melanoma: Current status (2007–2013) and future directions
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
American Board of Dermatology Examination Dates
Palmoplantar psoriasis is associated with greater impairment of health-related quality of life compared with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
Patient-reported outcomes for psoriasis patients with clear versus almost clear skin in the clinical setting
Increased serum leptin and resistin levels and increased carotid intima-media wall thickness in patients with psoriasis: Is psoriasis associated with atherosclerosis?
Comparative performance of psoriatic arthritis screening tools in patients with psoriasis in European/North American dermatology clinics
What should primary care providers know about pediatric skin conditions? A modified Delphi technique for curriculum development
The natural history of chronic urticaria in childhood: A prospective study
Successful use of rituximab in the treatment of childhood and juvenile pemphigus
Mortality of patients with bullous pemphigoid in Korea
Organ transplant recipients with Merkel cell carcinoma have reduced progression-free, overall, and disease-specific survival independent of stage at presentation
An objective measure of growth rate using partial biopsy specimens of melanomas that were initially misdiagnosed
Vulvar cancers in women with vulvar lichen planus: A clinicopathological study
Inner gray halo, a novel dermoscopic feature for the diagnosis of pigmented actinic keratosis: Clues for the differential diagnosis with lentigo maligna
Classifying distinct basal cell carcinoma subtype by means of dermatoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy
Noninvasive monitoring of basal cell carcinomas treated with systemic hedgehog inhibitors: Pseudocysts as a sign of tumor regression
Self-reported pigmentary phenotypes and race are significant but incomplete predictors of Fitzpatrick skin phototype in an ethnically diverse population
Efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulins in livedoid vasculopathy: Long-term follow-up of 11 patients
Graft-versus-host disease-associated angiomatosis: A clinicopathologically distinct entity
Managing skin toxicities related to panitumumab
Reliability of Clinician Erythema Assessment grading scale
Photodynamic therapy using chlorophyll-a in the treatment of acne vulgaris: A randomized, single-blind, split-face study
Obstacles hindering the mainstream practice of teledermatopathology
A systematic review of outcome data for dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans with and without fibrosarcomatous change
Chemotherapy-induced hand-foot syndrome and nail changes: A review of clinical presentation, etiology, pathogenesis, and management
Recognizing and managing the immunologic reactions in leprosy
Metastatic Crohn's disease: A review and approach to therapy
Probiotics and prebiotics in dermatology
Short-term international volunteerism in dermatology: Ethical considerations
Announcing a new open access journal
The perineural corona sign: Enhancing detection of perineural squamous cell carcinoma during Mohs micrographic surgery with toluidine blue stain
Enhancing techniques to evaluate tumor margins
Comments on “Diet and psoriasis, part I: Impact of weight loss interventions”
The use of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors in pregnancy: What is the evidence?
Tumor necrosis factor-alfa inhibitors in pregnancy: To prescribe, or not to prescribe, that is the question
Allergic contact dermatitis to topical brimonidine tartrate gel 0.33% for treatment of rosacea
Reply to “Allergic contact dermatitis to topical brimonidine tartrate gel 0.33% for treatment of rosacea”
Excision of melanoma in situ on nonchronically sun-exposed skin using 5-mm surgical margins
Adequacy of 5-mm surgical excision margins for non-lentiginous melanoma in situ
Dermatology urgent care: Enlisting help from primary care in triage decisions
TERT gene amplification is associated with poor outcome in acral lentiginous melanoma
Ablative fractional photothermolysis in the treatment of scar contractures of the wrists and forearms: A retrospective data analysis
Analysis of the lymphatic vessel architecture of atypical fibroxanthoma and pleomorphic dermal sarcoma
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Dermatology Calendar
Unilateral eruption on the face
An expanding erythematous plaque on the back and fever
An indurated rash in a newborn
A girl struggling with extremely unruly hair
Axillary lichen planus pigmentosus-inversus: Dermoscopic clues of a rare entity
Reddish plaque on the arm of a 53-year-old woman
Dermatofibroma with seborrheic keratosis–like changes: A dermoscopic challenge
Anticipating and preventing infection in patients treated with immunosuppressive medications for dermatologic indications: A dermatologist's checklist
A tip for performing intralesional triamcinolone acetonide injections in acne patients
A retroauricular flap for earlobe construction
Varicella-zoster virus vaccination–induced granulomatous dermatitis
Spurious elevation of aspartate aminotransferase in a patient on isotretinoin
Bullous Lyme disease
Mid-dermal elastolysis as a manifestation of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in an HIV-infected patient
Clinicopathologic lessons in distinguishing cicatricial alopecia: 7 Cases of lichen planopilaris misdiagnosed as discoid lupus
Importance of keen observation for the diagnosis of epidermal cysts: Dermoscopy can be a useful adjuvant tool
Eyebrow transplantation: Alternative body sites as a donor source
Follicular mucinous nevus: A possible new variant of mucinous nevus
Photo-induced erythema multiforme associated with vandetanib administration
Repigmentation of hair associated with melanoma in situ of scalp
Acute postoperative pyoderma gangrenosum case and review of literature identifying chest wall predominance and no recurrence following skin grafts
Famciclovir for recurrent herpes-associated erythema multiforme: A series of three cases
Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis associated with 2 common medications: Hydroxyzine and benzocaine
Erythrodermic CD8+ pseudolymphoma during infliximab treatment in a patient with psoriasis: Use of cyclosporine as a rescue therapy
Aquagenic wrinkling: A unique facial presentation
Primary thyroid marginal zone B-cell lymphoma in a patient with psoriatic arthritis treated with etanercept
Peripheral bands in the setting of drug hypersensitivity syndrome
Cutaneous botryomycosis diagnosed long after an arm injury
Calcific elastosis in the setting of weight gain
Atypical scleromyxedema with prominent nodular lesions associated with immune thrombocytopenia: An unusual presentation
Lupus erythematosus–like skin eruption after vemurafenib therapy
Localized insulin-dependent amyloidosis with scar-tissue formation
In memoriam: Robert W. Goltz (1923–2014)
Generalized dermatitis in clinical practice