CME examination
Answers to CME examination
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
A clinical, histopathologic, and outcome study of melanonychia striata in childhood
Gene expression profiling for molecular staging of cutaneous melanoma in patients undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy
Immunohistochemistry as a potential tool for routine detection of the NRAS Q61R mutation in patients with metastatic melanoma
Risk of subsequent melanoma after melanoma in situ and invasive melanoma: A population-based study from 1973 to 2011
Age, gender, and topography influence the clinical and dermoscopic appearance of lentigo maligna
Factors influencing the development of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in patients on BRAF inhibitor therapy
Ingenol mebutate gel for actinic keratosis: The link between quality of life, treatment satisfaction, and clinical outcomes
Duration of oral antibiotic therapy for the treatment of adult acne: A retrospective analysis investigating adherence to guideline recommendations and opportunities for cost-savings
Reticular infantile hemangiomas with minimal or arrested growth associated with lipoatrophy
Infectious complications in bullous pemphigoid: An analysis of risk factors
Low recurrence rates for in situ and invasive melanomas using Mohs micrographic surgery with melanoma antigen recognized by T cells 1 (MART-1) immunostaining: Tissue processing methodology to optimize pathologic staging and margin assessment
Neurotrophin receptors and perineural invasion in desmoplastic melanoma
Cutaneous manifestations of pediatric granulomatosis with polyangiitis: A clinicopathologic and immunopathologic analysis
A guide to prescribing home phototherapy for patients with psoriasis: The appropriate patient, the type of unit, the treatment regimen, and the potential obstacles
Advances in the therapeutic use of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitors in dermatology
Clinical, dermoscopic, and histopathologic features of body hair disorders
Should dermatopathologists participate in diagnostic error disclosure to patients? An ethical analysis
Psoriatic arthritis: It's as easy as “PSA”
Direct-to-patient teledermatology practices
Revisiting office-based direct microscopy for the diagnosis of onychomycosis
Skin metastases of leiomyosarcoma (LMS): A retrospective review of 21 cases
Propranolol to treat infantile hemangioma (IH) in patients with congenital heart disease
Frequent indoor tanning among New Jersey high school students
Comparison of electronic and handwritten pathology requisition forms for cutaneous melanoma
Association between tumor necrosis factor inhibitor (TNFi) therapy and changes in C-reactive protein (CRP), blood pressure, and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) among patients with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis
Prevalence of dermatologic disease in an urban emergency department: A cross-sectional study
JAAD Grand Rounds quiz*
A 53-year-old woman with multifocal subcutaneous nodules
Pink scaling papules and plaques on the palms, soles, chest, abdomen, and extremities
Nodular plaque in a cardiac transplant patient
A hyperkeratotic, clonal seborrheic keratosis accompanied by nodulocystic basal cell carcinoma
The importance of the given history in the differential diagnosis of blue nodules
The unadulterated smartphone camera: Obviating the need for apps
Re: “The role of in vivo confocal microscopy in the diagnosis of eyelid margin tumors: 47 cases”
The role of in vivo confocal microscopy in the diagnosis of eyelid margin tumors: Reply from the authors
In response to “Clinical pearls: Getting the most from your dermatoscope”
A potential underestimation of the number of cellulitis recurrences in study
Reply to: “A potential underestimation of the number of cellulitis recurrences in study”
A simple, novel method for nail photography
Comment on “A simple, novel method for nail photography”
Practical psychodermatology