Primary cicatricial alopecia
Answers to CME examination
CME examination
Primary cicatricial alopecia
Answers to CME examination
CME examination
Association of atopic dermatitis with smoking: A systematic review and meta-analysis
The prevalence of anxiety and depression in patients with or without hyperhidrosis (HH)
Adult female acne and associated risk factors: Results of a multicenter case-control study in Italy
Duration of oral tetracycline-class antibiotic therapy and use of topical retinoids for the treatment of acne among general practitioners (GP): A retrospective cohort study
Intralesional triamcinolone for flares of hidradenitis suppurativa (HS): A case series
Impact of ixekizumab on psoriasis itch severity and other psoriasis symptoms: Results from 3 phase III psoriasis clinical trials
Tofacitinib improves pruritus and health-related quality of life up to 52 weeks: Results from 2 randomized phase III trials in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
Compliance with serial dermoscopic monitoring: An academic perspective
Imaging mass spectrometry assists in the classification of diagnostically challenging atypical Spitzoid neoplasms
Paired comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of multispectral digital skin lesion analysis and reflectance confocal microscopy in the detection of melanoma in vivo: A cross-sectional study
A comparison of current practice patterns of US dermatologists versus published guidelines for the biopsy, initial management, and follow up of patients with primary cutaneous melanoma
Melanoma-associated leukoderma and vitiligo cannot be differentiated based on blinded assessment by experts in the field
Hormone receptor expression in patients with dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
Incidence and survival of sebaceous carcinoma in the United States
Is speed of healing a good predictor of eventual healing of pyoderma gangrenosum?
Can dressings soaked with polyhexanide reduce bacterial loads in full-thickness skin grafting? A randomized controlled trial
Validation of diagnostic accuracy with whole-slide imaging compared with glass slide review in dermatopathology
A qualitative systematic review of the efficacy of sun protection education in organ transplant recipients
Onychotillomania: An underrecognized disorder
Appearance of lentigines in psoriasis patients treated with apremilast
Changes in sex and racial diversity in academic dermatology faculty over 20 years
Exploring the prevalence of learning disabilities in children with cutaneous mastocytosis: A pilot cohort study
Clinical simulators of cysts
Serum vitamin D status in adult patients with atopic dermatitis: Recommendations for daily practice
Teledermatology as a tool to improve access to care for medically underserved populations: A retrospective descriptive study
The most common dermatology diagnoses in the emergency department
A cross-sectional study of skin cancer patients' willingness and ability to take biopsy “selfies” to aid in later treatment
Mutational profile of primary dermal melanoma: A case series
Increased cutaneous stimulation is required for C-fiber sensory perception in alopecia areata: A double-blind study
Trichoscopy of dissecting cellulitis of the scalp: Exclamation mark hairs and white dots as markers of disease chronicity
SALT II: A new take on the Severity of Alopecia Tool (SALT) for determining percentage scalp hair loss
Whose practice is this anyway? To conform or not to conform
Diffuse atrophic papules and plaques, intermittent abdominal pain, paresthesias, and cardiac abnormalities in a 55-year-old woman
Rethinking screening for thyroid autoimmunity in vitiligo
Prescribing success: Developing an integrated prescription and eczema action plan for atopic dermatitis
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Multiple plaques, slack skin, and ulcers
Asymptomatic solitary nodule of the forehead
Sudden edematous exudative erythema in a waterfall pattern
A chronic poorly healing wound on the right lateral trunk
Dermoscopic findings in hyperkeratosis lenticularis perstans
Collision tumors: A diagnostic challenge
Tinea nigra: A diagnostic pitfall
“Ring of fire” technique for marking mucosal biopsy sites
Topical timolol for chronic wounds in patients with junctional epidermolysis bullosa
An economical alternative to disposable electrodes for electrosurgical devices
Intraoperative retention sutures to facilitate closure
Re: “Comorbid autoimmune diseases in patients with vitiligo: A cross-sectional study”
Reply to: “Re: Comorbid autoimmune diseases in patients with vitiligo: A cross-sectional study”
Renal involvement in Darier disease
Segmental stiff skin syndrome (SSS): Two additional cases with a positive response to mycophenolate mofetil and physical therapy
Comment on “Review of patient registries in dermatology”
Reply to: “Comment on ‘Review of patient registries in dermatology’”
Reply to: “The relationship between lymphocytic thrombophilic arteritis and cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa”
Long-term follow-up of patients with basal cell carcinoma after successful treatment with intralesional photodynamic therapy
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