The role of imaging in the management of patients with nonmelanoma skin cancer
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The role of imaging in the management of patients with nonmelanoma skin cancer
Answers to CME examination
CME examination
Understanding the cost of dermatologic care: A survey study of dermatology providers, residents, and patients
A predictive model for diagnosis of lower extremity cellulitis: A cross-sectional study
Clinical characteristics associated with days to discharge among patients admitted with a primary diagnosis of lower limb cellulitis
Malignancy rates in a large cohort of patients with systemically treated psoriasis in a managed care population
The risk of melanoma and hematologic cancers in patients with psoriasis
Lesions on the back of hands and female gender predispose to stigmatization in patients with psoriasis
Secukinumab sustains early patient-reported outcome benefits through 1 year: Results from 2 phase III randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials comparing secukinumab with etanercept
Biologic drug survival in Israeli psoriasis patients
Increased interleukin (IL)-17 serum levels in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa: Implications for treatment with anti-IL-17 agents
Internet-based skin cancer screening using clinical images alone or in conjunction with dermoscopic images: A randomized teledermoscopy trial
Sézary syndrome without erythroderma: A review of 16 cases at Mayo Clinic
Patterns of distribution of giant congenital melanocytic nevi (GCMN): The 6B rule
Quality of life in adults with facial port-wine stains
Instruction in teaching and teaching opportunities for residents in US dermatology programs: Results of a national survey
Clinical factors associated with subclinical spread of in situ melanoma
Clinical and pathologic factors associated with subclinical spread of invasive melanoma
Clinicopathologic analysis of atypical hand, foot, and mouth disease in adult patients
Atrophying pityriasis versicolor as an idiosyncratic T cell–mediated response to Malassezia : A case series
JAK inhibitors in dermatology: The promise of a new drug class
Janus kinase inhibitors in dermatology: A systematic review
Experience with oral tofacitinib in 8 adolescent patients with alopecia universalis
Comorbidities in patients with alopecia areata
Can mindfulness-based interventions improve the quality of life of patients with moderate/severe alopecia areata? A prospective pilot study
Topical ketamine-amitriptyline-lidocaine for chronic pruritus: A retrospective study assessing efficacy and tolerability
Direct immunofluorescence microscopy of skin biopsy samples preserved in honey
Daily indoor light exposure: A spectral analysis of ambient light sources and its relevance to occupational dermatology
Antimalarial therapy for granuloma annulare: Results of a retrospective analysis
Practical management of the adverse effects of Hedgehog pathway inhibitor therapy for basal cell carcinoma
The blind patient and the cosmetic dermatology consultation: Who defines beauty?
Disease modification for hidradenitis suppurativa: A new paradigm
Beyond JAAD April 2017: Articles of interest to dermatologists from the nondermatologic literature
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Infraorbital cutaneous horn
A man with firm induration of the right forearm
Hyperkeratosis with visual and hearing disturbances
Indurated plaque on the trunk
Erythematous plaques and papules on a premature infant
Hemorrhagic lip and oral mucosal blisters
An asymptomatic hyperpigmented tongue
A 20-year history of thickening of the skin of the upper back
Treating gingival pemphigus vulgaris with cotton balls soaked in topical steroid ointment
Modified butter knife as a good transporter of epidermal graft
Rhinophyma graft for repair of the phymatous nasal ala
Re-excision of deep tumor: Width is as important as depth
Knotted bandage for wounds located in hairy areas
Pediatric melanomas often mimic benign skin lesions
Comment on standardized laboratory monitoring with use of isotretinoin in acne
Lack of specificity of cytokeratin-15 loss in scarring alopecias
Reply to: “Lack of specificity of cytokeratin-15 loss in scarring alopecias”
Comment on: “I didn’t sign on to die”: The dermatologist’s ethical obligations during a deadly epidemic
Reply to: “Comment on: ‘I didn’t sign on to die’: The dermatologist’s ethical obligations during a deadly epidemic”
Reluctance regarding recurrent herpes zoster
Dermatopathology: Diagnosis by first impression, 3rd ed
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