Psychocutaneous disease
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
Psychocutaneous disease
CME examination
Answers to CME examination
Pediatric Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in the United States
Identification of high-risk cutaneous melanoma tumors is improved when combining the online American Joint Committee on Cancer Individualized Melanoma Patient Outcome Prediction Tool with a 31-gene expression profile–based classification
Commentary: The quest for an improved risk stratification tool for patients with melanoma
Factors influencing and modifying the decision to pursue genetic testing for skin cancer risk
A clinical, histologic, and follow-up study of genital melanosis in men and women
Sun-protective behaviors in patients with cutaneous hyperpigmentation: A cross-sectional study
Suction blistering the lesional skin of vitiligo patients reveals useful biomarkers of disease activity
Clinical markers of vitiligo activity
Vitiligo-like lesions occurring in patients receiving anti-programmed cell death–1 therapies are clinically and biologically distinct from vitiligo
Vitiligo and overt thyroid diseases: A nationwide population-based study in Korea
The Vitiligo Working Group recommendations for narrowband ultraviolet B light phototherapy treatment of vitiligo
Prospective studies on the routine use of a novel multivariant enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of autoimmune bullous diseases
Correlation of antimuscarinic acetylcholine receptor antibody titers and antidesmoglein antibody titers with the severity of disease in patients with pemphigus
Increased risk of avascular necrosis in patients with psoriatic disease: A nationwide population-based matched cohort study
Risk of inflammatory bowel disease in patients with rosacea: Results from a nationwide cohort study in Taiwan
Variation in dermatologist visits by sociodemographic characteristics
The cost of topical immunomodulator therapy in Medicare patients varies by prescriber specialty
Human polyomavirus 6 and 7 are associated with pruritic and dyskeratotic dermatoses
Congenital melanocytic nevi in young children: Histopathologic features and clinical outcomes
Permanent alopecia in patients with breast cancer after taxane chemotherapy and adjuvant hormonal therapy: Clinicopathologic findings in a cohort of 10 patients
The burden of skin disease in the United States
Commentary: Burden of skin disease report
Periodontitis in oral pemphigus and pemphigoid: A systematic review of published studies
Management of hidradenitis suppurativa in pregnancy
Nail removal in pachyonychia congenita: Patient-reported survey outcomes
Comparing the sensitivity of auramine-rhodamine fluorescence to polymerase chain reaction in the detection of Mycobacterium leprae in Fite-negative tissue sections
Establishment of a dermatology global health outreach and residency partnership program in Guatemala
A survey-based study of management of longitudinal melanonychia amongst attending and resident dermatologists
Lack of efficacy of topical timolol for cutaneous telangiectasias in patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: Results of a pilot study
Prescribing propranolol for infantile hemangioma: Assessment of dosing errors
A review of the impact of patch testing on quality of life in allergic contact dermatitis
Low risk of hemorrhagic complications after obtaining diagnostic skin biopsy specimens in a cohort of thrombocytopenic inpatients
Who wrote this paper? The ethical issues of authorship
Introducing the JAAD Virtual Journal Club
Erratum to “Reporting adverse events related to cosmetic products”
Multiple hypopigmented patches in a 6-year-old female
Progressive hyperpigmented rash in a middle-aged man
Tender erythematous plaques over the neck of an infant
A warning sign of other vascular/skeletal abnormalities
Asymptomatic papules after breast cancer treatment
Joint swelling in an adolescent girl
Lower extremity erythema and tightening in an elderly male
Firm, ulcerated nodule with peripheral scale on the arm
Intralesional corticosteroid therapy for relapsing polychondritis
Significant cost savings from treating peristomal irritant contact dermatitis with an over-the-counter spray
The use of gentian violet 2% solution to identify holes in the deep margin of tissue excised during Mohs micrographic surgery
Preventing disruption of surgical dressings in patients with cognitive impairment
Surgical staples for hemostasis during scalp surgery
Conclusions about atopic dermatitis persistence might be premature
Reply to: “Conclusions about atopic dermatitis persistence might be premature”
Heterogeneity of data included in meta-analysis on persistence of atopic dermatitis changes interpretation
Reply to: “Heterogeneity of data included in meta-analysis on persistence of atopic dermatitis alters interpretation”