High-Quality Mammography: Information for Referring Providers

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This Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians contains highlights from Quality Determinants of Mammography, Clinical Practice Guideline No. 13 of interest to health care providers who refer women for mammography. The Quality Determinants of Mammography Guideline Panel, a private-sector panel of health care professionals and consumers, developed the guideline after comprehensively analyzing the research literature and current scientific knowledge concerning elements necessary for high-quality mammography. Specific recommendations are made in the following areas: components of complete breast cancer screening; responsibilities of women, mammography facilities, and referring providers as to screening and follow-up care; communication of results; limitations of mammography; and certification of mammography facilities.This Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians presents information on mammography of interest to health care providers who refer women for mammography. The Clinical Practice Guideline is intended for the entire spectrum of health care professionals involved in mammography services: the referring health care provider, the interpreting physician, the radiologic technologist, and the medical physicist. Additional information is provided for the mammography facility, the facility scheduler and receptionist, the equipment service person, and the woman who goes for mammography. The Clinical Practice Guideline provides more detailed analysis and discussion of the available research, health care decision making, critical evaluation of the assumptions and knowledge of the field, considerations for women with special needs, and references. Decisions to adopt particular recommendations from any publication must be made by practitioners in light of available resources and circumstances of individual cases.

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