Contraceptive Efficacy and Patient Acceptance of Lunelle

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PurposeTo review the efficacy, safety, and patient acceptance of the LunelleTMmonthly contraceptive injection and to raise awareness of this new contraceptive in the United States.Data SourcesWorldwide scientific literature, reports of clinical trials, and manufacturers’ product information and guidelines.ConclusionsLunelleTM is a combined hormonal method with a safety/tolerability profile comparable to that of oral contraceptives (OC) and a high efficacy rate and provides a rapid return of fertility after discontinuation. Moreover, LunelleTM was well accepted in a large clinical trial, with satisfaction levels similar to those of new-start OC users.Implications for PracticeOral contraceptives are the most popular hormonal birth control method in the United States; however, typical use is associated with higher failure rates than those observed with perfect use because of poor compliance. Poor compliance has been attributed in part to the need for daily administration. A new contraceptive method that does not require daily administration and is readily reversible may be suitable for many women, resulting in better overall efficacy.

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