Magnet Therapy: What's the Attraction?

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PurposeTo review the current state of the science of magnet therapy with respect to pain management and to view magnet therapy from a nursing perspective.Data SourcesExtensive review of the world-wide scientific literature and of scientific peer-reviewed journals regarding magnet therapy.ConclusionsMagnet therapy is gaining popularity; however, the scientific evidence to support the success of this therapy is lacking. More scientifically sound studies are needed in order to fully understand the effects that magnets can have on the body and the possible benefits or dangers that could result from their use.Implications for PracticeCredibility for advanced practice will be established across disciplines as nurses demonstrate their ability to critically evaluate practices. Alternative therapies are accepted and used by many patients today. While magnet therapy is popular, the scientific evidence to support its use is limited, at best. Advanced practice nurses have more effective treatment modalities in their repertoire and are advised to avoid practices for which efficacy is unsupported.

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